freelance wordpress design sydney

Who am I?

That's not an existentialist question...

I'm Gerard Thomas.

Based in Sydney, I have done a lot of things in the field of design, but these days I concentrate on designing and building websites.

If you want to know how I think about design, then the carefully crafted blurb from my Linkedin profile sums it up pretty well...

"Today a good designer works across an arc of problems, cross referencing experience to deliver solid outcomes."

It also says...

"Always interested in opportunities."

I create websites.

More specifically, I design and build Wordpress websites.

You could call me a Sydney freelance Wordpress designer (see that SEO thing I just did there?). I also work with my own clients.

My journey into websites started in 1999, taking over a project from a friend in San Francisco to design and build an e-commerce store – or as it was known back then... a web site that could sell stuff; and it was all done in HTML!

That gig lasted for 4 years, at the end of which I decided to have a go selling my own stuff online; there's no better way to really learn every aspect of something, then when you are blowing your own money.

So from 2001 to 2017 I carved a path through the e-commerce world and in 2004, discovered Wordpress. Seeing it's commercial application potential, when it was still seen as a blogging platform, I dived in and have been working with it ever since.

I have designed and built a lot of sites and in that time have put together a set of tools and protocols that deliver solid, reliable websites, each and every time. They look nice too!

My websites...

In no particular order, here are some sites I have done in the past year:

Breathe Vélo > Design, build and branding.

ELEVEN vélo > Design, build and branding.

The Footprint Company > Design and build.

AFT Fire > Design and build.

Pixelated Commerce > Design and build.


BOGear > Built to client design.


Happy Healthy Dog > White label build for TC&P.

Felton Industries > White label build for TC&P.

Kickstart Cafe > White label build for TC&P.


I have a very pragmatic approach to doing what I do; one might say it comes from just getting on with it and learning along the way.

I am not a 'full stack developer'.

What I am is a professional multidisciplinary designer, first and foremost.

I back this up with the necessary skills, and ability to coordinate others, to execute what I've said I would for clients.

I can do css, and what I don't know is a search, or Stack Exchange away.

Rems not ems.

I can manage all aspects of Wordpress, including file bashing.

I don't custom code plugins – there are commercial options for just about everything these days.

I can set up MySql databases and do things once it's set up.

I manage a VPS through WHM and domains through cPanel.




I have done a lot of things in the field of design. You can see for yourself over on my LinkedIn profile.

Here are some of the things that stick in my mind as being pretty cool...

General Manager, Head of design and marketing

Company Name: Mountain Cycle

Dates EmployedOct 2009 – Jan 2012

Employment Duration: 2 yrs 4

Location: Orange County, California Area + Taiwan


After joining the Mountain Cycle team in 2009, Gerard implemented and oversaw the rapid implementation of a strong online presence and e-commerce solution, increasing direct to consumer sales four fold within a 6 month period.

From 2010, Gerard then oversaw the design (product and graphic design), sales strategy and production management/liaison of a new platform of mountain bikes, the first for the brand since 2000. The range debut to the cycling industry in 2011; first at the Taipei International Cycle Show, then at the Sea Otter Classic and later, Interbike.

Experiential Environment Designer

Company Name: Freelance

Dates EmployedOct 2007 – 2010

Employment Duration: 3 yrs

Location: Sydney


Freelance designer specialising in 3D experiential environments and spaces.

Clients included: Jack Morton Worldwide, ABT, Maverick, Greenspace UK


Company Name: UNSW

Dates Employed: 2000 – 2003

Employment Duration: 3 yrs

Location: Sydney


Initially as 'Assistant Lecturer' then as 'Lecturer', I ran the Visual Communications course component for both postgraduate second year Industrial Design and Master's programmes.

Role included planning, class lecturing and course grading.


Company Name: V8Lab

Dates Employed: 1998 – 2003

Employment Duration: 3 yrs

Location: Sydney


Working for a range of architectural offices in Sydney and US West Coast based clients, V8Lab delivered progressive and leading edge services in the digital visualisation and web design/ecommerce fields.

Cagiva Motorcycles SpA

Company Name: Cagiva Motorcycles SpA

Dates Employed: 1995 – 1995

Employment Duration: 1 yr

Location: Milan area, Italy


Staff designer in the Varesse based concept studio for Cagiva Motorcycles SpA, which also included the Ducati marquee.